Decisions Decisions

To describe the specific decision is beyond. The point is that the decision was made. For a long time and even now at times, I struggled with indecision. Should I? Should I not? This one or That one? Those were the questions I asked myself. Then those same questions were asked to others. I’d disguise…

The Message is: LOCK IN

Lock In defined: A technique used to self enhance when one notices themself not being productive, over snacking, wasting time in invaluable conversation, mindlessly scrolling, and hope swirling down the drain by the minute while you constantly cravings to be your best self. The technique is performed by taking yourself away from the distractions, away…

Today is Tomorrow

Checking in with me. If you, the reader is here too, Thanks. Your today will be your tomorrow. It’s always been said and Ive been able to see its true. Observing my days and outcomes its more than obvious the routine you create for yourself within a matter of two days will stick. How quickly…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Penny. Here is where I add my two cents after minding my business. How does that work? As I grow and learn along the way I contribute my thoughts, lessons and reflections with intentions of adding value. While its all my opinion (my sense) through my experience (my business) I pray it makes some kind of sense. Even if its just two cents

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