Today is Tomorrow

Checking in with me. If you, the reader is here too, Thanks.

Your today will be your tomorrow. It’s always been said and Ive been able to see its true. Observing my days and outcomes its more than obvious the routine you create for yourself within a matter of two days will stick. How quickly does today become 7 days then months of repetition that your either happy about or still regretting. From the hour of your lunch break where you half way unmask and scroll on your phone to the next morning hitting snooze today then tomorrow then all next week (except on Monday because that’s your reset day) you create little habits that ultimately create YOU. Your thinking patterns also become routine. You can notice yourself thinking of the same topics at the same time of day every day. In the shower, at 12pm, driving in your car. Are those the thought you want to have? Are those thoughts chosen or just involuntarily intruding your process of growth and change? How long have you cycled the same thought patterns and behavior patterns and routines?

There’s been some improvements and efforts from me that I am proud of. I can say. I’ve painted, I’ve had productive conversations, Ive noticed myslef and snaped out of low habits here and there, went for a run, been aware of the hours of day I tend to lose my groove, assessed my finances and now Im blogging before I open my folder and get to tackling my undones.

Checking in with myself. Looking forward to more productive days


By Penny

Literally minding my business while adding my two cents. How does that work?