We All Start Somewhere: Investors

Ive been getting a notification for months to update tax information for stocks that I purchase. A couple of years back I decided to take a chance and invest. Without any real knowledge about the stock market beyond “Investing is sooo good”. At my public library one year Id learned in simple words that investing is basically chipping into a business and as the business grows you earn a portion. You can do this with big established businesses as they continue to grow with innovative projects or you can do this with small business as they develop and grow. Simple. Later, I needed to make sure that investing wasnt gambling. After speaking to a finance director I learned again in a simple way that investmenting is like buying a painting and then later that painting becoming antique and higher valued. Again, Simple.

Today I decided to learn more about my investments and what these words mean. Looking at my portfolio, clicking the buttons and making sure I understand whats going on. I looked at the data charts a bit and then thought I might as well take notes. As you continue to read please know that I am not a financial advisor, consultant, professional etc. Please do not make any financial or risky decisions based on my experience. It is best for you to contact and consult a professional that can advise you. I am not responsible for any decisions made. I am learning and researching and may very well have misinformation so please follow up with your own research. Comments are open to this blog post so I invite you to share any valuable information or corrections you may have relating to this topic of Investing. Here we go

Question #1 : What is a Dow? “The Dow” is short for Dow Jones & Company which is an American publishing firm. This company publishes Wall Street Journal and other Business & Financial News media outlets. They describe themselves as delivering business and financial news, analysis and insight. When we the news speak about “the dow” or “the dow report” or ” ___ has gone up 3% in the dow” they are speaking of the Stock Market index that Dow Jones Industrial Average Index provides which gives data of how the 30 largest blue chip, U.S.-listed companies have traded during a standard trading session. This data is calculated by certain math that Ive read breifly about but ready to explain. You can read about it here .

Please keep in mind that i am NOT by any means a financial advisor, educator, proffesional. Etc. My blogs are simply conversations with (initially myself ) readers who become friends.


By Penny

Literally minding my business while adding my two cents. How does that work?