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September has arrived so quickly. Ive been amazed with the moon these days. Its beautiful bright crescent reminds me to smile, marvel and stay connected to the Lunar calendar. We are experiencing the sacred month of ‘Safar’ as it relates to the Islamic (or Hijri) calendar.

Every month I share the writing Prompt and Poem that came with the previous month. If you’re new to this blog you can better understand this routine by reading one of my previous blogs. If you’re wondering why I’m sharing a month behind, it’s because I like to experience the poem and see how it resonates before I share. For me it brings more enthusiasm and innerstanding to my writing. For those who are regular readers, Thank you & Welcome back. If you’re a new reader, Thank You and I pray this blog benefits you.

The Prompt for August was “PEACE IS”

Peace Is


The ground underneath

an Ocean

Rocking Rolling Strong

While the shells of the ground sleep

in Peace

The wind

Peace is not thinking too


Being hard

This poem was intriguing to myself even. Its amazing to see what you come up with when a phrase you don’t expect is presented. In August I read this poem multiple times and I enjoyed it every time. Peace is Islam. Islam is the ground on which we stand firm. Our world can feel like heavy hard oceans but with Islam you are right where you need to be, protected and safe in your shell. Sleep in Peace. Find the peace of the wind. Let life take its path, dont think too hard. You’ll ruin your peace trying to figure everything out, fighting the ocean. Its too hard to be hard. Find peace in Islam.

As always I suggest you try an intuitive writing and see what comes up when you hear or think “Peace is”. Time your writing for about 2 minutes and let your pen flow without judgement. Observe yourself

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