3 cents

Those moments of private joy are priceless. Those moments where you laugh with God because you cant help but to be grateful and surprised every time he shows you proof of mercy or truth.

One of my hobbies is collecting coins aka loose change. I don’t collect them to keep them or study them but when I see them I pick them up to use them. I do this because as a child I saw adults around me do this. The motto behind this action has always been “It’s money.” Whether it’s a penny, nickel, dime… it’s still money.

I never followed up on the research but a friend of mine encouraged me to keep up my picking up change hobby. Though I cant remember the fact verbatim it went along the lines of :

“Collecting even 1 cent outside while walking is more valuable than only collecting money after a job because you’ve earned that one cent by not doing anything but walking. Therefore, you’ve been paid 1 cent for just walking”

Isn’t that cool? That brings me to todays joy. I’d decided to take my book and my yoga mat to the park for a 15 minute read in nature. When I got outside I felt it wasn’t as warm and wondered if maybe I wouldn’t enjoy my outside read as much as Id imagined. So I gave myself permission to change my agenda and just enjoy a walk and breaths of fresh air. I almost got a little self conscious because a neighbor sitting on their porch had seen me leave out and now they were going to see me circle the block and go back home. Weird. But I reminded myself that it doesn’t really matter what they think, I could’ve left something at home or they could really not be thinking about me at all. So I confidently, minded my business and circled around the block to head right back home. I felt a little silly. Id been outside for 3 minutes.

I cross the street and when I reach the side walk I find 2 pennies! I’m happy. I’m smiling and giggling to myself thanking Allah. My short 3 minute walk was in the Qadr (written). I got paid 2 cents. My walk was worth 2 cents and fresh air. My walk was not a waste of time. Almost arriving home I have about 10 steps to go and I find another penny. I’m happy! I reach home, go home and finish my walk having earned 3 cents.



By Penny

Literally minding my business while adding my two cents. How does that work?