Julys Prompt: Uncertainty is

For those who’ve been following the prompted months: Hello and welcome back for July. For those who are new to the prompted months: Hello, Welcome and let me fill you in.

In January I sat with a writing guide. They led me through an intuitive writing where we ripped 12 pages of paper and on those papers wrote freely without correction or self judgement. We did this 12 times for about 30 secs. Before the timer started the writing guide would announce the prompt and wherever , however that prompt resonated or registered we’d reflect it through free writing. After the 12 writing prompts we folded each paper and labeled them with the Gregorian calendar months Jan-Dec. Each month we open one of the papers to a surprise reflection. Reflecting on what we wrote, how the prompt moved our mind at that time & how it resonates now.

For July the prompts was: Uncertainty is…


The Blessing

The Gift

The Surprise

The Love

of Allah.

Uncertainty holds your shoulders

Pinches your nose

Razzles your curls

But beautifully unfolds.

Uncertainty is light

a fight for what’s


The gold at the end of the tunnel

Uncertainty is the sleeping mask we use to go to sleep

For rest

You lay your head

Down to Allah

Uncertain of your waking

Uncertainty in the making


By Penny

Literally minding my business while adding my two cents. How does that work?

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