Draft of Thoughts

As I freestyle write, I’m also cleaning my room. Nothing that I say is to be taken too seriously as I’m also a learner in this beautiful journey of life. I write as I go, and I continue to think and analyze and dissect and digest on these topics as my momentous point of view has already been published. Ultimately we can only rely on Gods ultimate truth. The all-knowing, unfaulty creator of it all.

My advice: Take it easy.

As I freestyle write Im speaking to the audience whos reading “you” and the writer whos writing (me)- who (I) eventually reflect back and become also the reader.

Not sure what Ill title this blog. Ill decide after this flow. This blog post is a free flow of thought, a push to publish disguised as an entertaining half time break between others and millions of other things to do. A flow of thought between me and you.

Things to do: Youtube, Websites, Calendar, Calculate, Paint, Plan, Type, Create descriptions, study, passports, EZ-Pass , clean the deli, Paypal, Membership

I cant tell if my diffuser works or not. If theres a way to fix it. It was a gift from mommy. So id love to keep it

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By Penny

Literally minding my business while adding my two cents. How does that work?