Enjoying Favors

It’s not so disappointing because its just life. We get ‘busy’ , occupied and while we spend every few minutes thinking of soon doing our most loved hobby… we never really get to it as soon as eventually. In practicing to enjoy the balance between embracing where I’m currently at and striving to take myself where I want to be I’ve learned to enjoy the favors. In fewer and cooler words, I’m balancing “Just Chill” & “Just Do It!”.

These days I’ve been saying YES to the favors that coincide with my hobbies and making them work for me. For example: I’ve been wanting to blog for weeks and just haven’t made the time. My cousin needed an email typed up and sent out for her team meeting and needed some help delivering the message with the right words and just getting it actually typed up and done. I offered my skill.

Here’s why. It’s a weird psychology that’s happening inside my mind but it’s as if I don’t create the time when the task is for myself. My hobby task is for my own, no deadline, no due date, I can put it off without consequence. Well, except the consequence of it not being done and it could’ve been done and missing out on opportunity because it wasn’t done but I’m only answering to and disappointing myself. Which gets old but that’s for another web of thought for another time- hold me to it.

Anyway, writing the email for my cousin helped her out & helps me out. I build family relationship and finally use my skill. I’m not necessarily blogging but I’m writing and I write with gusto. A favor well done.


By Penny

Literally minding my business while adding my two cents. How does that work?