In honor of the Final Destinationfranchise’s 20th anniversary, Producer Craig Perry and series creator Jeffrey Reddick have given updates on what’s being created for the coming horror film. They spoke setting, set up and slight spoiler.

Last year January we learned writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstanfrom the Saw Franchise would be joining the Final Destination team bringing some “reimagining”. As we know, Final Destination usually follows sequence, continuing stories where they left off but series creator Reddick says “reboot” isn’t quite the word for this one. While concept is “unique” it’s still most definitely a Final Destinationfilm.

“I’ve been talking to Craig and the concept behind it is unique. I think reboot is probably too strong of a word, it makes it sound like they’re going to change everything, but it’s definitely a Final Destination movie. Craig is the master of coming up with crazy openings and set pieces. He’s told me a couple of things that happen in this one and it’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s not going feel like cash-grab Final Destination film.”

Final Destination will bring focus to first responders such as EMT’s, Firemen and Police. The goal is to put those with calm and cure in critical conditions. Craig Perry lays out the idea,

“We’re toying with having it take place in the world of first responders: EMTs, firemen and police. These people deal with death on the front lines every day, and make choices that can cause people to live or die… We rely on their good judgment, expertise and calm demeanor. So why not put those people in the nightmare situation where every choice can bring about life and death, but now for themselves? We’re thinking that world might be an interesting way into a Final Destination movie, and one which can also generate unique set pieces in a very credible way.”

There hasn’t been any information regarding who would be directing the film or date of release but we’re looking forward to a paradigm shift. Jeffery Reddick teases

“I don’t think anybody will look at a revolving door in the same way again.”


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