You’re invited to the watch party hosted by horror franchise creator Don Mancini! Syfy Wire and Mancini are partnering to bring back the classic views this Thursday, May 21. Dust off your DVD’s! We’re watching 1988’s ‘Child’s Play’ . Mancini suggest joining the fun or else… 

The watch party was announced on twitter from Don Mancini himself encouraging followers to join. 

“I’m hosting a Watch Party for the OG #ChildsPlay with SyFy Wire this Thursday at 8/7c! Join me using #SYFYWIRErewind if you want to stay on Chucky’s good side.”

Syfy Wire followed up the invite tweeting: 

“Let’s be friends till the end! Join us for a Twitter Watch Party of 1988’s #ChildsPlay with its creator Don Mancini Thursday at 8/7c. Stream the movie on Fandango, Netflix, and Prime Video, and tweet along with #SYFYWIRErewind.”

The Child’s Play franchise success began with the story of Charles Lee Ray. A murderer who reaches his death day after being pinned by police. Charles’ evil soul gets put into a Good Guys doll named Chucky. The black magic infused doll gets bought off the self by a mother looking to bring home a new toy for her son Andy. Chucky carries the souls of a murderer in his stitches. After killing the babysitter, his “friend forever”Andy realizes Chucky is alive and from there the games begin.

Child’s Play debuted on big screen 1988, followed by 1990’s Child’s Play2, 1991’s Child’s Play 3 and 1998’s Bride of Chucky. Don Mancini is currently working on a TV series titled Chucky that will keep the characters and creeps as the original movies.


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