Tarzan is swinging to us in live action as it been reported through the great vineDisney is tackling every story in the fantasy cartoon book. Hercules is the most recently confirmed film in development with executive producers of Avengers: Endgame Joe and Anthony Russo on board. Tarzan may be next on slate.

The latest version of Tarzan came from Disney’s Renaissance Era in 1999. A love story that grows amongst the adventures of the jungle. Tarzan was raised by great Mangani Apes, when he becomes an age of comprehension, he realizes there’s a life outside of the African jungle. His heart compasses between life styles when he encounters a new love who comes to visit the jungle for a study – Jane Porter. 

The original novel Tarzan Of The Apesis from 1912 by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Disney created the first animated motion picture version with Tony Goldwyn and Minnie Drivervoicing the titular characters.

Cartoons to live action news always sparks the wonder of which actors and actresses could best bring the characters to life. There is no news yet on cast or release date.

Animated Disney Tarzan is rated G. Watch it on Netflix now


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