Current circumstances has left the many movie companies with no choice but to rearrange or clean slate. Sony’s summer slate has seen major delay but ‘Venom 2’ seems to remains on regular plans.

MorbiusGhostbusters: Afterlife and Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway are amongst Sony’s rescheduling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While plenty of studio’s took to halting their theatrical releases, Sony is the company with a summer slate that has been wiped clean. Now, when it comes to the fall slate, there hasn’t been any announcements regarding, neither canceling or coursing through.

The ‘Venom 2’ sequel news came to fans by surprise and later Sony mentioned an untitled Marvel project due for October 2nd. ‘Venom 2’ is one of, if not the most anticipated 2020 film. Starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, Andy Serkis is set to directIn hopes of matters regarding the Corona Virus settling around mid summer as predicted by officials, there shouldn’t be delays when it comes to the ‘Venom 2’ title.


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