Whatcha cookin’? Short-order chef in Birds Of Prey, Sal (Bruno Oliver), shows how Harley Quinn’s favorite bodega breakfast egg sandwich is made. Get your butts in the kitchen and watch the walk through he shared with Variety of the exact recipe. Below is the list of ingredients before we get started and the video guide.

Ingredients: Bacon, Eggs, American cheese, Bread – preferably ciabatta bread as it “nooks and crannies for the gooey eggness to go into.”

Feel free to modify your ingredients as they suit you. When you make mine, I’d like turkey bacon please. Thank you!

The egg sandwich was made quite a big dig by Harley and fans since the DC film featured the bodega-made breakfast. Further film details regrading the process of Chef Sal’s role come from CBR. Actually quite interesting to learn all of what goes into even creating the fine points of film.

Oliver admits than when he first landed the role as Sal, he was unaware of how important the egg sandwich he was asked to make would end up being to the story. “You couldn’t tell from the audition necessarily and as actors, we always worry about our scenes being cut,” he told Variety. “I really didn’t understand the place the egg sandwich had in the movie until I saw it.”

Oliver practiced making the sandwich the day before he was scheduled to film his scene for the film, describing the experience as “definitely one of the oddest preparations as an actor I’ve done. I spent the night destroying my kitchen making egg sandwiches over and over and over again.” He also explains that while he was the one who made the sandwich on camera, it was Birds of Prey’s catering chef who filmed the close-up “food porn” shots. “There are little things I can’t do — like crack two eggs with one hand,” Oliver confessed.

The actor admits he was also surprised by how many moviegoers connected with the sandwich, which a hungover Harley attempts to eat as a hangover cure the morning after destroying the ACE Chemicals building (and cementing her breakup with the Joker), only to have it knocked to the ground during a chase sequence. “I’ve read a lot about the sandwich as a metaphor for Harley’s recovery,” said Oliver. “I’ve read a lot that refer to Sal as the only male in the movie who doesn’t screw her over.”


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