100+ days later, Hollywood is ready to reopen. A plan to keep production safe was purposed to the state of California and has paperless scripts, limited interaction, face masks and virtual writing rooms in the considerations for a safer workplace.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers proposed recommends to eliminate papers such as call sheets, production reports and crew lists from the creating process. E-documents are expected to assist in minimizing the spread of COVID-19 traces on papers handled by several people.

The new safety protocol addressed to the state of California is 22 pages long in it’s specificity. Recommending different teams work on set at different times – leaving when jobs are complete. In efforts to keep film crews and actors minimally exposed construction crews will be expected to leave after completing their building and lighting crews only taking the time they need to set up. Script development would be done virtually in “writer rooms”and if teams are absolutely needed to gather they’d be required to wear face masks, keep up with disinfecting their hands and social distancing before, during and after meetings.

As for studio audiences for TV shows: “discouraged” unless the visitors wear face masks, keep six feet apart at all times, including while in line to get to their seats, “and undergo symptom screening on entry.”


By Penny

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