The Disney Corporation titles a new CEO for the company after 15 years. Bob Iger steps down to executive chairman while chairman of Disney Parks, Experience and Products steps up as CEO. Now that seats have been assigned, question is: What’s being bought to the table?

Disney as a whole company is dipped into multiple goods. The film sector of the business alone represents Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Pixar Animation, Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Animation, and 20th Century Studios. Former CEO, Iger had a full hand on this aspect of the company, within the 15 years of his delegation. Iger introduced the company into the streaming service skirmish with DISNEY+ after media was no longer being sold to cables networks and other distributors as previous performances.

Iger expresses “absolute confidence” in his focused creativity while Chapek handles the day to day operations, ofcourse with a little hand from Iger until his retirement Dec 2021.

“Getting everything right creatively would be my number one goal,” Iger said on a call with investors admitting he could “not do that on a day to day basis”

The team of the company is working on maintaining the integrity a few projects in order to keep Disney conquering as a recognizably reliable entertainment source.

According to Variety:

Iger is mapping a succession plan to replace chief creative officer at Walt Disney , Alan Horn. Who is currently 76 years and extended contract in 2019 with a undisclosed time frame.

Marvel Studios czar Kevin Feigereupped his own contract in 2019, and was also named Chief Content Officer of all of Marvel Entertainment.

Star Wars Chief Kathleen Kennedyremains in position for another 3 year term that started in 2018. Her input to Lucasfilm – which has a heads up on earnings since the Han Solo spinoff “Solo” and Gareth Edwars’ “Rogue One,” not meeting ends in their time. Currently The Mandolorian seems to sitting well with Star Wars fans via streaming service on Disney+.

Hopefully Igers creativity contribute will give Stars its blast.

Pixar is coming off of an Oscar win for “Toy Story 4” and seems more than stable under Pete Docter, who replaced ousted chief John Lasseter in 2018. He’ll be tested this year with the original conceit “Soul,” which he directed, but is also making the mother ship happy with animated shorts for the Disney Plus streaming service, insiders said. Jennifer Lee, who runs Walt Disney Animation, is prepping “Raya and the Last Dragon” for a November release, an original tale featuring the voice of Awkwafina.

Disney owns Hulu since last year which gives both Disney and Hulu a boost. Disney reports 30.7 million Hulu subscribers, and counting. With Disney, Hulu now has access to FOX content via the Fox acquisition.

Bob Chapeks CEO isn’t demanding for much or any revamping of the company as much as it is just implanting what the company team has been building over the last few (2) years.

Goal : Reach consumers directly through streaming services — Hulu, ESPN+ and now Disney+ — rather than relying on outside distributors, such as pay-TV operators.


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