Netflix, HBO, Disney and other Hollywood entertainment companies have expressed their solidarity for their black employees, consumers and creators. Using their large platforms to speak up against the police brutality and racism with quotes and statements of support.

A protest that has been postponed for years has now spread through out the US with every single state taking some kind of stance in the demand for justice. After another case of police brutality caught on camera resulting in the inhumane death of George Floyd, the black community decided enough is enough.

Hulu (Disney operated) agreed that Black lives do matter and voiced that they stand today and everyday with the black community.

“We support Black lives. Today, and every day. You are seen. You are heard. And we are with you.”

Marvel released a statement to the public also support the movement saying:

“We stand against racism. We stand for inclusion. We stand with our fellow black employees, storytellers, creators and the entire black community. We must unite and speak out.”

Netflix took to twitter to break silence.

“ To be silent is to be complicit. Black lives matter. We have a platform, and we have a duty to our Black members, employees, creators and talent to speak up.”

Amazon and Prime Studios:

“Together we stand with the black community — colleagues, artists, writers, storytellers, producers, our viewers — and all allies in the fight against racism and injustice”


“FX stands with our many African American colleagues, artists and friends, and we support all who stand for a just legal system—one that does not tolerate senseless violence against anyone. Our nation cannot be healed until all of our rights are truly equal under the law.”


“Our community’s grief is not new; it is simply being filmed. Images of Black bodies hanging from trees or hunted down in the street are interwoven into this nation’s very roots, inextricably enmeshed in Americana. These violent acts of hatred are the result of long standing and systematic racism. There is no quick solution to the complex problems we face, however, BET is working with a broad coalition to activate against these challenges and affect change. This duty belongs to all of us and we owe it to our country.”

Universal Pictures & NBC:

“We stand with our black employees, colleagues, partners and creators in outrage at acts of racism. Black lives matter.”


“We condemn all racism and discrimination and proudly support our Black colleagues, viewers, partners and neighbors. We stand with them and with all communities seeking inclusion and understanding.”

AMC Networks:

“Black lives matter. We stand by and support our Black employees, actors, creators, crews and viewers — and the broader Black community and allies — against the scourge of racism in all its many expressions.”

HBO, TNT and other WarnerMedia-owned divisions:

“‘Neither love nor terror makes one blind: indifference makes one blind.’ — James Baldwin

We stand with our Black colleagues, employees, fans, actors, storytellers — and all affected by senseless violence. #BlackLivesMatter”

Along with changing their Twitter usernames to “#BlackLivesMatter”


“Lionsgate stands with all people of color in the fight against racial injustice and inequality. The recent killing of George Floyd is the latest in a series of deplorable events that highlight the need for real change in how we address our diversity as a society. Our company has a proud 20-year history of serving our audiences with films and television programming that celebrate this diversity and speak to a wide range of cultural experiences. On behalf of our entire organization and all of our businesses, we are committed to a society that is diverse, inclusive, tolerant and respectful.”

Paramount, Nickelodeon, CBS and other ViacomCBS owned divisions:

“Black lives matter. Black culture matters. Black communities matter. We stand in solidarity with our black colleagues, creators, partners, and audiences and condemn all acts of racism, discrimination, and senseless acts of violence.”

It’s beautiful to see these companies voice their support for Black lives, Hopefully the support will remain and be evident even after it’s trending on social media.


By Penny

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