Talk about stars! NASA and Tom Cruise collab for the first outer space casted film. NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine confirmed that the film will take place in the International Space Station.

The projects details haven’t been revealed just yet but to think of the possible outcomes that could come out of Tom Cruise and NASA creating together is out of this world. Bridenstine shared with CNN news that Tom Cruise would be on the ISS fulling their goal to get more activity in the extraterrestrial environment.

NASA declines to provide any further details when asked about what’s coming, telling the Verge that sharing too soon could sour the taste.

“We will say more about the project at the appropriate time, Anything else would be premature.”

Deadline reported the story on Monday saying, “I’m hearing that Tom Cruise and Elon Musk’s Space X are working on a project with NASA that would be the first narrative feature film – an action adventure – to be shot in outer space. It’s not a “Mission: Impossible” film and no studio is in the mix at this stage but look for more news as I get it. But this is real, albeit in the early stages of liftoff.”


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