The Spawn reboot that’s set to star Jamie Foxx in the titular role is said to have upcoming news on the way as per producer Jason Blum. Blum says the films name has been in his mouth for a few weeks now and it is actively being developed.

Although no actual news about the coming film was announced, Blum hyped the anticipation by saying there’s an “enormous” amount of activity happening behind the scenes.

“No new news that I’m going to reveal here, I’m sorry to tell you, but the titleSpawn, I’ve been uttering that word a lot in the last two or three weeks and we’ll have more news to come,” Blum said. “But, suffice it to say, it is a very active development. I wanna make the movie so badly, I wouldn’t put that past myself, and it’s an excellent question, but in this case, I’ve actually been talking to other people about it, but there’s been a seismic event on Spawn.”

While we wait to see trailer, cast list, and whatever else is offered, we can tally up the details we do have regarding the coming reboot since the announcement of the Spawn reboot last year. This far we know budget is set between $10-to-$12 million. Todd McFarlane is directing and writing the film and he says the rating will be a dark R, even harder than the R of Deadpool.

McFarlane had previously promised to keep watchers posted on the project once production begins.


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