An online education platform is offering $1,000 to Harry Potter fans who binge watch all 10 films of the franchise while keeping social media posted on their experience. Calling it the ‘Ultimate Dream Job’ made to spread some magic.

Everyone is trying their best to stay productive during their time in quarantine. The shut down of states and non essential businesses has left many without an income. Money trends of the moment include virtual wellness drop-ins (yoga, nutrition, mental therapy), continuing educations, Cash App board game (gamble) or just checking for stimulus checks. Another option comes from EDsmart, an online education platform who’s calling all Harry Potter fans for hiring.

A pay rate of $41.50hr, the job description lists not only a Harry Potter fan, but also an active, outgoing social media personality up for 25 hours 6 minutes and 1446 minutes of Harry Potter Fantastic Beast. The selected contestants will be expected to live-tweet and/or live stream their movie marathon experience while tagging @getedsmart and/or #getedsmart.

The only requirements to qualify for this marathon is being 18 years old or older, eligible to work in the United States and an active social media user. Is this your dream job?

Imagine Harry Potter pointing his magic wand while saying ” We want you!” Fill out your application here. It’ll look totally awesome on your resume.


By Penny

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