Street wear has elevated the style by using sanitary precautions as a statement. YouTubes on how to make your own face mask with a sock, a bra or t-shirt have trended since CDC recommendations called face covering a must. Disney debuted their newest collection of reusable character face masks today. From Mickey Mouse to Marvel, they are FDA approved and SO cute!

Face masks have become an essential accessory to our lifestyle these days. With medical supplies at a scarcity, “reusable” anything is key. In attempts to combat the spread of COVID-19, wearing a face mask and sometimes even gloves is required to enter essential stores such as supermarkets or take out restaurants. I think it’s pretty safe to say everyone NEEDS a face mask.

Mickey and MinnieStar WarsPixarDisney Princesses, Disney Faces oMarvel styled collections are available in sizes small, medium and Large. Yes! Adults can definitely wear one. The mask come in sets of four and only cost $19.99. 1 million character mask will be donated to under deserved children around the U.S and profits up to $1 million from the sales will be donated to Medshare. Medshare is non-profit organization that salavages surplus medical supplies from U.S manufacturing companies and hospitals to then distribute them to hospitals in developing nations.

Instructions on how to properly put on, take off and care for your mask come with purchase.

Preorder your set here. Shipments are expected by June 29th.

The small Winnie The Pooh mask for widdle babies is going to look adorable! I can’t decide between the Stitch or Mike Wazowski monster.


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