Yesterday officially marked 20 years since the release of one of the most beautiful love story movies ever – Love & Basketball. The actress of the film Sannal Lathan and the films director Gina Prince-Byethewood celebrated on BET and Twitter, hosting a live watch party. Speaking behind the scenes and special moments of the making with each other, fans and some of the other stars involved.

The history of the film like most good things in this life, included lots of rejection. Quitting her job to hear “Another one turned it down” almost everyday. Prince-Byethewood says her movie was denied by numerous companies before it became a multiple award winner. 4 NAACP Image Awards, 2 Independant Spirit Awards and a $27 million box office earn.

The film shares a story of innocence and intimacy going through hoops all from the common love of basketball. Starring Sanna Lathan as Monica and Omar Epps as Quincy, two childhood friends who grow through the pains of aspiring to be professional basketball players. Quincy comes from a home of an Athlete, his father Zeke (Dennis Haysbert) plays for the Los Angeles Clippers and Monica’s mother wishes she’d just wear a dress and stop scrapping her face up on the court. From middle school, high school, to college the two fall in love but their pursuits and paths pulls them apart.

The director told ESPN in an interview “Studios gave feedback that the film was ‘too soft’, that we needed [scenes] where a character is chasing her husband with a knife.” Her script eventually landed on the desk of Sundance Institute and just like the movies end she got hers.

But I’m not gonna spoil it for you. If you havent seen Love & Basket Ball yet, it’s a must! And if you have seen it (a million times, like I have), watch it again!

The Twitter thread following the watch party is so sweet and truly a treat of unknown and to be appreciated details. #loveandbasketball20


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