Britney Spears had to share with Instagram how much she loved Dolittle. Using the films cover as the image and a very expressive caption she ranked this film the best one yet of her quarantine binge. Britney’s social media personality has consistently been organic, always posting the unfiltered and less glamorous of her lifestyle. You know, messy hair and smeared eyeliner. Isn’t that enough authenticity to take her review of the animal fantasy land for true?

DoLittle follows the story of Dr.John Dolittle who lives in solitary behind the high walls of his manor in 19th century England. Like any superb vet Dr.Dolittle has the ability to communicate with animals. An array of exotic animals make up the company that the Doctor ends up needing to join him on an adventure to find a cure for Queen Victoria.

Kid- friendly, funny, magical, heart warming, imaginative, feel-good and as per the praise from Britney Spears, a must-see!

“This movie is a must see !!! @RobertDowneyJr is so genuine you fall in love with him ….. the animal characters are hilarious and there seems to be a Special Tone throughout the whole movie which I find hard to find these days. So if you watch this movie and you’re as enamored as I was with his jackets and clothing …. don’t get lost like I did just remember he’s a man who can speak to animals and he’s brilliant !!!!! Pss …. how long has it been since you’ve seen what you’ve wanted to see ….. I can’t even count how many movies I’ve watched in this quarantine so far !!!!!”

The Stephen Gaghan directed film casts Robert Downey Jr. as Dr.Dolittle and Tom Holland, Emma Thompson, Selena Gomez, John Cena, Octavia Spencer, Michael Sheen, Kumail Nanjiani, Craig Robinson, Ralph Fiennes, Rami Malek and others as voices for the sweet and totally cute fury friends.

Have you seen DoLittle? The reviews for read even mix. About 50% loved and 50% lost.


By Penny

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