Director Scott Derrickson of Doctor Strange (2016) is reportedly set to helm the long awaited film of the world wonder water also known as the Devils Triangle.

The body of water that sits on the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean embodies a number of theories related to aircrafts and ships that have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. While plot details are still unspoken of cast details according to Variety states to be calling Chris Evans to star in the Skydance inc. project.

Scott Derricksons and C. Robert Cargill team to rewrite the script that was originally written by Sam Raimi(director of Spiderman trilogy) and executive produce.

Skydance has been developing “Bermuda” since 2013 and there are allegedly three other Bermuda Triangle projects in the works in Hollywood.

For now, Watch the The Devil’s Triangle (1974) a documentary narrated by Vincent Price. The film takes a look at several mysterious disappearances that happened in what’s known as The Bermuda Triangle. The documentary has interviews with people who are experts on some of the disappearances including a few members of a search party who went out looking for five missing planes.


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