The New Mutants‘ was originally expected April of 2018. Difficulties held the film back a bit but this April it’ll be in theaters and even the cast is excited. Anya Tayler-Joy plays the mutant Magik in the Josh Boone directed and co-written film along with other young talents.

When asked about her character and what it’s like to finally see the movie preparing for a sure release, the 23 year old actress told Movie Web:

“It’s exciting! It’s been three years. That’s a long time. But Josh [Boone] our director, is really happy with the cut of the movie that he’s showing. It’s very much his film, and I mean, we can only be proud of that. I just love that character. She’s bonkers in the best possible way, and I had so much fun playing her every single day. I hope people love her as much as I do. She’s a character. She’s feisty, but she’s really good fun.”

The New Mutants‘ follows Magik, and other teenage mutants trying to come to grips with their superpowers while staying at a secret facility. Apparently this particular write will continuously connect to the prior ‘X-Men‘ movies, paving a sequential road into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

‘The New Mutants‘ stars Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane, Anya Taylor-Joy as Illyana Rasputin/Magik, Charlie Heaton as Sam Guthrie/Cannonball, Henry Zagaas Roberto da Costa/Sunspot, Blu Hunt as Danielle Moonstar/Mirage and Alice Braga as Dr. Cecilia Reyes.

The film arrives in theaters April 3.


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