Starting 2020 with a horror we haven’t seen since 2004, The Grudge made it’s way to US theaters this weekend on January 3rd. Rating results for the newest film of the franchise are in and The Grudge reboot takes a hard F (for funny) from critics and audiences.

Opening night, Cinemascore stuck to what is now their 41 year old tradition of fetching film audiences reactions. The market research firm carries out polls to gather the data from moviegoers. Audiences are asked to rate the movies using letter grades ranging from A-F. This weekend audiences from all over the country agreed on the for Sonys The Grudgereboot.

The Grudge now takes a spot next to the controversial film Mother (Darren Aronofsky) and other films who’ve been given the lowest letters. Films such as Lost SoulsDarknessFear Dot ComAlone in The DarkWolf CreekBugThe Wicker Man, Silent House, and The Devil Inside make the F list.

Critics have returned from the release with reviews that shell up to “So bad, it’s funny”. Hollywood Reporters John DeFore says

“It’s hard to remember a recent movie in which so many jump-scares have failed so completely; in one or two spots, characters linger, staring so long at something that’s about to go ‘boo, that viewers have time to chuckle, then resent the long wait.”

Another critic from Movie Nation, Roger Moore noted that though the cast was talented the film was undeserving of such a team giving the film 1.5 out of 4 stars while writing

“Writer-director Pesce was blessed with this cast. But after this, my guess is he’ll never work with players this accomplished again.”

The ratings and critiques seem to be generation on a consistent opinion, currently holding an approval rate ofonly 19% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Would all this suggest that this horror film was HORR-I-BLE? 

Rate my joke, A-F. Remember F is for funny!


By Penny

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