According to HollyWood Reporter Paul Reubens still has hope for “Valley of the Dolls Pee-Wee Movie” to proceed even after a 30 year hold on the script. With a budget, Director and honest desire under discussion there been an offer to The Safdie Brothers.

Who was once a children’s comedian has now become a classic memory. When conflict regarding his person preference of entertainment met his career the Pee-Wee brand eventually met a hault. Paul Reuben seems to see the stop as only a pause while he makes a way to rebrand and regain his Pee-wee character with a script he wrote in 1990.

Reuben says “People have argued ived done everything consciously or unconsciously to destroy the character. But it’s the brand that won’t die. It’s still alive”

What Reuben says does prove to be some what true considering the support of 25 cities hosting the 35 year anniversary of Pee-Wee Big Holiday selling over 2000 seats and a super fan who just offered $10 million of his personal money to fund the Pee-Wee reboot.

Paul Reuben is reaching for a $15 million budget- Half of PW Big Holiday budget. The Safdie Brothers may be a good fit for the Dark Pee-Wee reboot story since they hold experience with low budget films. These auteurs starting with indie and now are pulling box office hits.

The Safdie Brothers joining Pee-Wee may be worth it!


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