James Gunn has officially confirmed the Suicide Squad cast List for the excelling eye grabber of anti-heroes. The director used the blue bird (Twitter) to reveal the squad that take play on the coming DC Comic reboot/ sequel.

No more wait! Below we present the official Suicide Squad!

  1. David Dastmalchian
  2. John Cena, Jai Courtney
  3. Joaquín Cosío
  4. Nathan Fillion
  5. Joel Kinnaman
  6. Maylin Ng
  7. Flula Borg
  8. Sean Gunn
  9. Juan Deigo Botto 
  10. Storm Reid
  11. Pete Davidson
  12. Taika Waititi
  13. Alice Brage
  14. Steve Agee 
  15. Tinashe Kajese 
  16. Daniela Melchior
  17. Peter Capaldi
  18. Julio Ruiz
  19. Jennifer Holland
  20. Viola Davis
  21. Idris Elba
  22. Margot Robbie
  23. Michael Rooker 

No Will Smith but the names show a great deal of James Gunn alums from the 2016 film which settles the anxiousness a bitas we go through Hollywood’srebootrevolution. 

The Suicide Squad is set to hit theatersAug 6, 2021! 

Chuck Roven and Peter Safran are working with James Gunn on this film as producers while Gunn holds the pen and baton.

September 2019


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