Marvel brings in the Lunar Year, also referred to as the Chinese New Year with an Eternals poster reveal.

Since D23, fans have been given very slight direction to where the MCU is going with the Eternals. Marvel officially announced The Eternals being the second film of Phase 4, picking up where it left the universe in Phase 3 only 7,000 years later. Kevin Feige announced that the stage is set for a new era of superhero’s and villains for the coming collection. Currently fans have been clued in on only some and very slight details such as the synopsis, Deviants as the villains, the active time line taking place along 7000 years, leading after Avengers: End Game, the ensemble cast and a November 6th release. What we don’t know is how this complex comic will brief into a 2 hour film with an “unexpected tragedy” amongst immortals that’ll somehow fit them into the MCU. But I guess that the fun!

While information about The Eternals still remains few and far, thankfully Marvel decided to share an Eternalsposter for the Lunar New Year that kinda gives view to what’s coming- even if it’s just character costumes.

Poster Reveal from Marvel Jan. 25th.

The poster, clearly not showing the full team or any newbies does give a closer look at 4 of the heros fans are familiar with. Based on previous concept arts these costumes look like those of Thena (Angelina Jolie), IkarisAjak (Salma Hayek), and Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry). Hopefully this artwork reveal means Marvel plans on revealing more of the Phase 4 adventure to audiences from this point on.

Until November 6th, we wait and zoom in on every concept art, film set photo and poster.