Walt Disney Studios has another reboot on the way! Lilo and Stitch is on slate scheduled for filming this fall! The disney classic will be available exclusively on streaming service, Disney+ which now has over 25 million downloads.

Disney+ similar to Netflix has close to all Disney originals for selection, old to new and exclusives. Now added to the choices of nostalgia is the Lilo and Stitch live-action remake.

What’s on Disney Plus synopsis of the upcoming live-action reads:

The story is about the bond formed between a lonely human girl named Lilo and a dog-like alien named Stitch, who is engineered to be a force of destruction.

The script for the movie has been written by Mike Van Waes, who has previously wrote The Crooked Man. And it will be produced by Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, who recently worked on Aladdin and are set to produce the upcoming Disney+ Inspector Gadget Film. 

Production team for Lilo & Stitch will be in Hawaii, I’m mean duh right? What better setting? Budget is set to about $60 million -around the same budget as Lady and the Tramp, which was a Disney+ success.

Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, reports suggest the original voice of Stitch, Chris Sanders will reprise his illegally-genetically engineered extraterrestrial blue koala.

February 2020


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