Two big Keanu Reeves movies are releasing on the exact same day by two different studios. Making fans choose the red or blue pill, red being the classic Matrix 4 and blue being the electrifying John Wick 4. Though this fact may already be old news, we’re trying to understand the studios intentions.

Keanu Reeves role as Neo in the Matrix franchise in the late 1990s and early 2000’s made a superb impression on his career. Not seeing Reeves on the scenes after that led many to accept that it’d be almost an impossible idea that any screenwrite after the Matrix would top or even compare. Then, Keanu filled the cup up even more when John Wick was released in 2014 and served major action preserving or maybe even elevating the his matrix made integrity. John Wick creates such a buzz that it was only justice to bring on a sequel.

This year bought on the third entry of the John Wick franchise with John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum. The film reached box office success leading Lionsgate to quickly announce the coming Chapter 4. All of this has been made possible with the consistency of Keanu Reeves keeping his roles as Hollywood has been on a replace and reboot rampage recently. 2020 holds promises for another Keanu Reeves classic, Bill & Ted 3 and surprised everyone with Keanu returning as Neo for a Matrix 4.

Warner Bros announced the date for Matrix 4 to be May 21, 2021 -Which is the same date John Wick Chapter 4 is slated. Keanu Reeves fans have to be overwhelmed with excitement and indecision with both of these guys debuting the same day.

Looking at the logic that may have inspired this Keanu Vs Keanu stunt for one, the films are being released by two different Franchises (WB & Lionsgate) therefore listing competition as a factor (duh!) Though, the two going against each other doesn’t seem to make much box office sense as they’d be splitting audiences. Respectfully, the date sits in prime time for summer releases so Warner Brothers may be trying to bully John Wick off the board. Neither one seem to be backing down from the date, unless Lionsgate production may take longer than expected. This stunt could just be pure experiment to see which fourth Keanu Reeve movie will take opening weekend preference.

According to Screen Rant

Production details on John Wick 4 are not known, but Matrix 4 will reportedly start filming early next year. That will give director Lana Wachowski more than a year to complete the film before the current release date. But, this will also keep Keanu busy in the early months of 2020, making him unable to film John Wick 4. There is a chance that John Wick 4 director Chad Stahelski could complete the movie in less than a year if filming could begin next summer. but the more likely outcome is that the Matrix 4and John Wick 4 showdown will not happen – with the latter being delayed.

A true example of being your own competition, except Keanu Reeves wins either way! Which would you choose on opening day?

December 2019


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