When it comes to anything Star Warstrue fans are on the topic instantly- whether it be Star Wars Legos, Star Wars video games or Star Wars socks. But the pressure changes drastically when it comes to directing an actual Star Wars movie. J.J Abrams has taken on this challenge twice! The first time being in 2015 where he helmed the seventh episode of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the second being the most recent release of Episode 9 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has been in theaters since December 19th in the U.S and special screenings gave fans and critics their first views for review. J.J Abrams spoke with Vanity Fair about how he’d respond to the disappointed fans saying:

“I was asked just seven hours ago in another country, ‘So how do you go about pleasing everyone?’ I was like’ What…?’ Not to say that should be what anyone tries to do anyway, but how would one go about it? Especially with Star Wars. I don’t need to tell anyone here, we live in a moment where everything immediately seems to default to outrage. There is an MO of either: ‘It’s exactly as I see it, or you’re my enemy.’ … It’s a crazy thing that there is such a norm that seems to be void of nuance and compassion — and this is not [a phenomenon] about Star Wars, this is about everything. … It’s a crazy moment, so we knew starting this any decision we made — a design decision, a musical decision, a narrative decision — would please someone and infuriate someone else. And they’re all right.” 

It only makes sense to go into the development of a Stars Wars film with thicker skin as the fandom can be verycritical with the details whether it’s done this way or that way. The fact of the matter is that Star Wars is one of the largest franchises in the world getting critiqued by so different point of views, generations and preferences. Star Wars is a utopian universereaching a level of perfection is actuallyinfinite.

There’s been mixed responses to the ninth episode of Star Wars this far. Some say it’s the best one yet reaching them emotionally and others wish J.J would’ve taken more epic risk with thefilm. To date, The Rise of Skywalker holds a 57% rotten tomatoes score. 

As per Star Wars fandom traditiondebates revolved around the directorsdecisions for The Rise Of Skywalkerand how it clashes or compliments the rest of the trilogy will be held for the next few years on all social platforms, conferences, and coffee shops. 

Who’s next to step up to the Star Warsplate?


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