The Flash solo movie is officially on it’s way! Warner Brothers finally announced the movie starring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen aka The Flash Movies is expected July 2022.

Warner Bro’s and DC films has finally given a date to the long awaited film that’s been in the making since 2014. Originally, the release date for this action was scheduled for 2018. Time truly couldn’t come quick enough as multiple directors have left the project within the span of creation to completion.

Andy Muschietti, director of IT just signed on to helm The Flash film this year. Amongst all the changes fortunately the star Ezra Miller stood for the solo superhero role. Ezra Miller is also the star for another Warner brother project ( Fantastic Beast 3) which has also contributed to the delay of Flash. But, After 4 years of manifesting this project, the studios have official confirmed a date! Good things take time!

Warner Brothers announces the movie will be in theaters July 1, 2022. Since the expected dates of 2018 and 2019 failed to prosper Warner brothers hadn’t put another date to the movie until now. With Millers Fantastic Beast coming to close Flash won’t begin production until 2021. Ideally, all this time to plan would lead to a successful film though some have grown unexcited due to the prolonged process. But there are some factors that may make the wait worth it.

The summer release has proven to be a lucrative time and season for Sony and Marvel Studios. The July 1 release date gives DC amd WB’s a slow and steady space to reach box office success as there is no other competitive films slated for this time aside from an untitled animated movie. This gives audiences the opportunity to take their time to enjoy the film hopefully re-amping the excitement for the next seven confirmed live-actions coming in 2020.

December 2019


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