A biopic based on the creator of the most iconic and inspiring toy is on its way! Actress Rita Wilson is casted to embody Ruth Handler for the biographical film Dream Doll. 

Rita Wilson who has taken up parts in many heart felt movies like It’s Complicated (2009), Sleepless in Seattle (1993), Now and Then (1995), Jingle All the Way (1996), The Story of Us and Runaway Bride (1999), spoke on the obvious pleasure of stepping in Ruth Handlers high-heels.

“Everyone knows the iconic Barbie, which, after more than 60 years, continues to be one of the most globally successful dolls. But few know the story of the inspiring, innovative, passionate woman who defied odds to create her. Ruth Handler’s story awes, empowers, and sometimes infuriates. What an honor it is to be part of the team that will bring Ruth’s autobiography to the screen. I am so thankful to the Handler and Segal families for trusting us with this incredible woman’s life.”

The film will show the effort, motivation, dedication and stresses pioneer Ruth Handler put into the process of developing one of the worlds very cherished and influencing toy dolls- Barbie. Handler always said her “philosophy” of Barbie was through the doll, little girls could be anything they wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that women have choices! The toy doll started its adventure in a box ready for sale March 9,1959 and since then has been a childhood must have! Barbie earned her recognized name from Handlers daughter Barbara-who was the main spark of motivation for invention.

Barbara, Ruth’s daughter is excited about the biopic and pleased with the actors that are teaming to share her mother’s story. She and Ms.Handlers granddaughter Cheryl Segal agreed:

“We have chosen to work with Rita Wilson, Cristan Crocker, Andrea Nevins and Bron Studios to bring Ruth’s story to life. Working with them on this project seemed like a perfect fit because we feel that they recognize just how inspiring and empowering Ruth was.”

Warner Brothers was working on a Live-Action Barbie movie that was said to be ready for it date, May 2020. Updates on that film hasn’t been of many after the mention of Academy Award-nominated actress Margot Robbie taking on the titular role. It’s nota bad idea bring a biopic on the brain behind the big Barbie business first orsequentially. 

The show date for Dream Doll: The Ruth Handler Story is TBA.


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