The James Gray sci-fi fills include Brad Bitt on the journey out in space. The movie followers an astronaut on quest for his father who’s disappeared on the previous space mission into the nothingness. Along the search the astronaut gets clues from the extra-terrestrial life.

A lot of stars are involved in the film, literally. Brad Pitt being one, the outer space environment and derivatively as Ad Astra is a Latin terms referring to “the Stars”. Exceptions for this film are set sky high as the marketing team advertised grand adult themed adventures ahead. Plus, James Gray has a history of providing above and beyond dramas that get smoothly touchy ( ex: The Lost City Of Z and We Own The Night).

Along with the heavy themes up in the air, recent Ad Astra clips from 20th Century Fox, show that there will be sci-fi action. The clips are extensions of scenes revealed in the earlier trailer. The clips show Brad Pitt and his companion riding on moon in a big four wheeler in some fly suits! They’re enjoying their ride until they bump into space pirates that want war.

The scene may sound too cool, and maybe even funny when we’re referring to “space pirates” but the scene is very serious, the pirates attack with fire. The production team is working to provide an adult sci-fi movie, taking on a serious tone dealing with war in a highly sensitive environment. The MPAA rating is PG-13 but will require a bit of brains to understand the fragility. Humans from earth (in other words invaders) in a deadly battle against native creatures cruising around on their moon top territory.

Agreeing with Screen Rant:

Clearly, Gray and company are out to present an adult sci-fi film along the lines of Gravity, a movie that pays attention to the realities of science – to some extent at least – while also delivering thrills worthy of a big-budget space drama.

September 2019


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