Remember Big Daddy? That Adam Sandler comedy that had everyone rolling on the floor laughing 20 years ago? Yep! The question of a Big Daddysequel came up when Adam Sandler and Cole Sprouse were reunited at the premiere of Uncut Gems.

The 1999 Big Daddy comedy was a hit in Adam Sandler book of bangs. He plays as a lazy couch potato named Sonny who looses his girlfriend to an older man with a 5 year plan. In attempts to get his ex back he adopts a 5 year old boy, Julian (played by Disney stars Cole Sprouse and his twin Dylan Sprouse). The baby boy drives Sonny up the walls but the man pushes through for the cause. Eventually, Sonny finds himself enjoying the responsibly of fatherhood, and takes the bonding time he has with Julian to teach him how to properly pee in public.

When Sandler was asked if he’d follow up with the sequel his response was politely uninterested in the idea telling EW,

” I won’t do that to him. He’s doing fine.”

And it’s true. Both Adam Sandler and Cole Sprouse are doing well for themselves since the 1999 film. Cole since Big Daddy has starred on Disney Channel with his brother as titular characters in The Suite Life Of Zac & Cody then on it’s spin-off The Suite Life On Deck. Most recently Cole Sprouse stars in as Jughead Jones in hit series Riverdale.

Sandler’s most recent project has risen high praise and Oscar buzz. He stars in movie Uncut Gems as a jeweler in New York City looking for big bank and life’s balance. The screenplay keeps Adam Sandler’s role serious, steering away from his usual comedic style. The film was co-directed by the Safdie Brothers, Josh and Benjamin Safdie. Early reviews have already deemed this film one of Adams best performances. The National Board of Review named Uncut Gems one of 2019’s best films.

Uncut Gems is showing now only in select theaters. The wide theatrical release is scheduled for December 25.

So, no Big Daddy sequel as there really wouldn’t be much to do with it anyway. Julian ends up meeting his biological father and Sandler’s character, Sonny finds out he’s having a baby of his own with the women he spent the movie trying to get back. The movie really was just too cute!


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