The movie Marcus Lawerence admitted he didn’t think would happening again is back! Let’s re-iterate the title! Bad Boys FOR LIFE! Ok? The official Bad Boys For Life Trailer is here! The originals, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprise their bad boy roles!

The literal Ride or Die duo have reunited for the Bad Boys for life Official trailer. Sixteen years later the action buddies return for the franchises third installment and the trailer shows the unbreakable bond hasn’t changed a bit.

Playboy Mike Lowrey (Smith) and family man Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) come together for “one last time” to blast a revenge-seeking ‘hater’ who after the two. On the case is a new team of youngins’ (familiar faces I won’t spoil for you) that don’t know NUN about the bad boys! As Mike and Marcus kill their vibe when they try to bumb the veterans theme song. Mike promises,

“No, never, y’all will never do that again,”

and hype man Marcus adds,

“And you f—ing up the lyrics, which take a long time to learn.”

The movie hits theaters January 17th 2020! LETS GO! Watch the trailer below!

September 2019


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