Taking a look at the current positions in domestic box office before Friday’s slate hits, we’re seeing 1917Star Wars and Just Mercy take top three + some competition on the way!

Tactful release strategies, storyline commingling and Warner Brother dramas make their way to top three on the box office chart. To history surprise, but on trend speed, 1917 takes Stars Wars: The Rise of Skywalker off the top with its World War I drama from director Sam Mendez. Domestically numbers record Universal Pictures1917 trump Disney’s Rise of Skywalkerby $21,435 million. The 1917 rise was done quite strategically as the studio softly screened the film in mid November which created the first buzzes from critics and then releasing in only a few theaters to finally distributing the film across the country, now charting the number one movie in America.

Warner Brothers legal action Just Mercy starring Michael B Jordan holds third place on the domestic charts with $10 million. Currently, Paramounts Like A Boss starring Tiffany Haddish in a cosmetic company comedy is coming up on fourth place but may be taking a bump up when the final numbers come in.

According to Deadline:

Like a Boss over-performed over-indexed in the West, South Central, and Southeast and under-indexed in the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada. Top 20 markets that were vibrant were Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Sacramento, Miami, Detroit, San Antonio, and Tampa. Top grossing theaters came from NY, San Antonio, LA, Corpus Christi, Phoenix, Pharr TX (Rio Grande Valley), Orlando, Atlanta, Sacramento, Albuquerque, San Jose, and Tampa. Canada’s overall marketshare this weekend was 8.09%.

These numbers only hold validity until Friday! Competition cranks up a notch as the first action blockbuster of 2020 Bad Boys For Life and Stephan Gaghans Dolittle starring Robert Downey Jr. is slated for same day release. Both movies highly anticipated and titles that make tickets meant to be sold by the pair or group!

Updates on Box Office are back next week. This should be fun!


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