Tracy Morgan has been casted for Eddie Murphy’s Coming To Americasequel. The 1988 comedy classic comes back with a part 2 that fans are on their toes for. Now we’re on our tippy-tippy toes as new additions to cast get better and better! 

The rumor that started up a few years ago about Coming to America has been officially confirmed this summer. The iconic Eddie Murphy movie returns with a plot that has everyone wheeling their memory tracks back, reminiscing on the events that led to Prince Akeem finding his wife in Queens, NY. Where did he get caught up? The new movie plots Prince Akeem discovering he has a baby boy back in the Big Apple in the midst of him becoming king to the fictitious African nation Zamunda. Before he gets his crown his parents urges him to go back to meet his son. 

Earlier, details of the cast revealed Wesley Snipes (Blade) would star as General Izzi, ruler of Zamunda’s neighboring african nation. Latest news states Tracy Morgan will be taking a part in the comedy line up. Morgan will reportedly play Reem, a street OG (a role he’s very familiar with) and Prince Akeem’s uncle. The list of new cast talents also include Leslie Jones who will play Murphy’s one time, one-night stand and mother of his child, Lavelle. 

Returning stars include Hall as Semmi-Prince Akeems wingman, James Earl Jones as the ailing King of Zamunda, Shari Headley portraying Lisa – Akeem’s wife and a few other familiar faces. 

The impressive cast list combined with Murphys reputation almost gaurantees the integrity of this Coming to America 2. Still, anxiously waiting on a release date.


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