The bulky chest bullet man from 1984 Rambo has raised hype after posting to instagram a behind the scence image with a caption that annouces the Last Blood teaser trailer. 

The 2008 officially retired classic character returns for a new Rambo 5. Directed by Adrian Grunberg, the new Rambo takes on a new aestethic in a Old Western twang that seems like the Arizona/Mexico setting. This time Sylester Stallone sits on a horse with arm drenched in blood for sure and a new type of gun. 

The actor/writer shared the look on instagtam with a caption that confirmed the new Rambo title and and the teaser trailer day-Tuesday.

The Rambo film franchise takes on a political tone, capturing the corruption casted onto American veterans. Though, Sylvester Stallone has claimed to be a “political atheist” the character he plays in the motion pictures definitly makes a statement about war and the rich and powerful who send the poor to foreign countries to fight their battles, who don’t excude an inch of appreciation. 

The Rambo film are an American classic. The teaser trailer for the coming Rambo: Last Blood will be availble Tuesday August 27. The movie is scheduled to release September 20th.


By Penny

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