Hash Brothers and Paramount has teamed up to give the G.I. Joe fans a spin-off they can get excited for. The coming film brings the fan-favorite ninja Snake Eyes to the front! Die hards may be expecting a no “face- no case” but as Paramounts last two G.I. Joes weren’t box office slayers as expected, it’s concerning to wonder which essential may be compromised to make this movie a hit. The iconic ninjas image or the popular face?

As Paramount and Hashbro make another attempt with the third live action film, everyone will be focused on the details that may have lacked in the previous movies. Snake Eyes is a popular G.I. Joe figure, known for it’s fierce no person detection as the ninjas face is covered and voice muted. Although these are recognizable details of this character, we’re not too sure if the movie spinoff will be directly parallel to the apparel. The selected actor to play Snake eyes is definitely not a face to hide!

Directors have decided to cast the up and coming actor Henry Golding as the fan-favorite Ninja. The actor has been popping like popcorn here and there becoming a pretty familiar face in Hollywood. We’ve seen Golding in Crazy Rich Asians, Paul Feige’s noir comedy A simple Favor and We’ll see him in Guy Ritchies crime comedy “The Gentleman“, the holiday comedy “The Last Christmas” and in Hong Khaos “Monsoon“.

Additionally: Golding recently launched his own production company, Long House Production.

“G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” grossed more than $300 million worldwide back in 2009 on a reported production budget of $175 million, not including prints and advertising. The 2013 sequel “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” starring The Rock as Road Block grossed $375.7 million on a budget of $155 million.

Let’s see how Snake Eyes delivers, in theaters October 16, 2020.


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