Spider-Man: Far From Home is rerealing in theaters with four extra minutes of a new action sequence. The Sony and Marvel Studios collab has done a marvelous job bringing the Marvel Universe to the forefront via spider man.

Everyone has been very pleased with the John Watts directed film, audiences and critics alike. Cinema Rating announced the film as A rating, and truly it shows as the newest Spider-Man has been listed as Sony’s highest grossing film of all time. 

According to Screen Rant 

Sony officially confirmed the news today that Spider-Man: Far From Home will receive approximately four additional minutes of footage. The extended version of the film will start playing in theaters across the United States and Canada starting August 29, and will stay in theaters over Labor Day weekend. The new footage consists of a “never-before-seen action sequence,” and will be available to see in IMAX at select locations.

The surprise footage is said be the sequence of action Director Watts had previously mentioned possibly being part of a short film attached to the Blu-Ray of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The action clip was left out of the movie but teased in trailers. It shows Peter taking on one more crime stop, that consist of a gunfight, during his last night out in NY before leaving to Europe. 

Again, August 29th, Labor Day weekend, select IMAX, never-before-seen action!


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