The 1988 Coming To America comes back with a part 2. Although extended details of when the film is scheduled to release hasn’t been confirmed as yet, information about some of the bright stars that have been slotted is availble. 

The original Coming To America starred comedian and actor Eddie Murphy playing multiple characters in one movie, which resulted in the creation of a classic for both the movie and Murphy. 

The movie touches the audience as it tales a funny love story of a spoiled and unjaded Prince Akeem (Murphy) from fictitious African nation, Zamunda. When Akeem reaches his birth date and turns 21 his parents traditionally insist he be married as soon as possible. Akeem resolves venturing out of Zamunda to find a true love that doesn’t act like a servant but merely his companion, his Queen. Therefor, the young and d…dear prince selects Queens- Queens, New York for his destination. Worried, Akeems parents agree to allow him to search for his beloved. A whole new world awaits the regal prince and his best-man/chaperon, Semmi (Arsenio Hall). 

It’s been announced that Wesley Snipes (Blade), Kiki Layne, and possibly Leslie Jones (Ghost Busters) will be making a roles in the upcoming sequel. 

According to Screen Rant,

 Deadline has revealed that Snipes will be taking on the role General Izzi, ruler of Zamunda’s neighboring african nation. This time around Akeem is preparing to become the King of Zamunda in the mist he discovers that he has a son that he was unaware of in America. The street smart New Yorker is called Lavelle, and when Akeem’s father makes the dying wish of wanting Akeem to travel to New York to collect Lavelle – who’s the rightful heir to the title of Prince of Zamunda – Akeem must once again set off for the concrete jungle of New York City. Meanwhile, Layne will play Prince Akeem’s daughter, who’s long been troubled by her father treating her as though she were the son that he never had. 

The big screen date for Coming To America 2 remains TBA.


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