Rhys Ernst’s debut film Adam is scheduled to release in less than a week but there may be a push back date or no release date at all. Online petitioners are quickly teaming to voice their POV. The comedy film is rubbing people the wrong way, as one petition states the film is “extremely homophobic [and] transphobic” Thus far, 6,000 people agree. The boycott is streaming through social media with hashtag #BoycottAdam.

There’s a few sides to this story- both the movie plot and the accusations. Some of the LGBT community and others that stand with the LGBT community are reffering to the movie as a “lesphobic and transphobic mess,” while others are excited to see the film speak out and maybe express life through transmasculine and gender-nonconforming eyes. Intrestingly enough, neither of the debating commentors have actually seen the film. So where and how did all this controversy rise? Behind the scenes and extras who were working on set spoke out of two years after filming. Those working on set believe that they were treated unfairly, dressed in wardrobe inappropriately and misgendered.

According to Vulture,

Ernst says he took great care to hire crew members for Adam who were queer, trans, or LGBTQ-friendly. He told a reporter at Vulture “a lot of intent and sensitivity” went toward fostering a trans-inclusive workplace before production began. He and a few other trans individuals Ernst did not name developed a “Trans 101” document that was distributed to every crew member. Trainings were held with members of wardrobe and other departments to educate them on trans identity, as well.

Rhys Ernst continues to plead that his intentions behind the film were sincerly pure and encouraging to all gender types. He stands behind his debut and his crew, stating

“There was nothing but an intention of inclusion and openness and wanting to get things right.” “In the case of this movie,” he adds, “I really think people have to see it to be able to talk about it and critique it in an honest way. There’s just no shortcut to that.”

The film is scheduled to show in theaters August 14 as there has not yet been any confirmed annoucements of rescheduling or canceled showtimes. So, we shall see or…maybe not.

August 2019


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