“Now I need a place to hide away! Oh, I believe in yesterday”

Lyrics from The Beatles come to manifestation with the new dramedy ‘Yesterday’ and the Beatles approve! Let’s manifest another Oscar Winning cinema from director Danny Boyle just like his 2008 “Slum Dog Millionaire”.

This movie reminds me of Peter Singles 50 First Dates, using comedy, a vehicle disaster and memory loss to bring home the finale. The British musician finds himself struggling to fulfill his dream of fame after a global blackout where the world forgets The Beatles. He uses the 1960 band, his childhood best friend and his passion as a clutch to grab the worlds attention, romance and success.

Accoriding to Reuters:

Boyle said the band gave permission for their music to be used in the film despite it being a story where “they are literally erased from the consciousness of the world”

One of the Beatles members say “Oh that seems to work !” after seeing the movies trailer and others closely related to The Beatles send encouraging notes after watching the actual film.

“Imagine a world where the Beatles never existed?” Danny proposed this question to the audience before the movie was released. Let’s hope that’s not already happening with the Millennials and Generation Z, who only incorporate the 60’s into fashion and makeup tutorials on social media with dramatic eyelashes, blue eyeshadow and Cardi B’s Fashion Nova Collection that modeled a 60’s inspired tweed suit.Which all goes uncredited, but not in this movie.

That may actually be the point of this flick. We forget, to remember…PLOT TWIST!

July 2019


By Penny

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