Spider-Man: Far from home left space for Independence Day weekend, showing in U.S theaters on a Tuesday, two days before the holiday. Reaching over a half a billion in just a few days – Thats what we call shining in the shade!

Marvel studios took on a new approach by opening on a Tuesday. Not the usual movie premiere protocol but that didn’t stop the ticket purchasing. Over the six day weekend Spider-Man generated $185 million domestically and globally, the movie has made more than $580 million. Leaving the 300 million goal in the web. The movie did have a mini kickstart with its global number, releasing in Japan, China and Hong Kong June 28th.

Coming runner up to Transformers making its first $25.2 million on July 4, only missing $3.9 to be an Independence Day movie release winner! The John Watts directed sequal was originally scheduled to release July 5 but the resechule resulted some pretty lucrative gross for The Sony and Marvel join. 

According to Deadline Sony gave Far From Home a 17-day window before Disney’s Lion King in which it will have all the premium ticketing formats like Imax (which earned the best ever opening for a Sony pic at $15M at 414 screens), Dolby, and PLF. The latter delivered 15.4% of Far From Home‘s ticket sales over the last six days.

Looks like Sonys gots some tricks up their sleeve starting with spideys webs!

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