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Monthly Prompts Overdue

As Salaamu Alaikum! Peace! Could it be true that the last prompt reflection I shared with you was in August? Life’s been active, fun, full, blessed Thankfully to God. Lets catch up. Remember, these writings were not calculated. They were freely written as they came to reflect on inner immediate thoughts that flow when prompted. […]

August Prompts Peace

September has arrived so quickly. Ive been amazed with the moon these days. Its beautiful bright crescent reminds me to smile, marvel and stay connected to the Lunar calendar. We are experiencing the sacred month of ‘Safar’ as it relates to the Islamic (or Hijri) calendar. Every month I share the writing Prompt and Poem that […]

3 cents

Those moments of private joy are priceless. Those moments where you laugh with God because you cant help but to be grateful and surprised every time he shows you proof of mercy or truth. One of my hobbies is collecting coins aka loose change. I don’t collect them to keep them or study them but […]

Julys Prompt: Uncertainty is

For those who’ve been following the prompted months: Hello and welcome back for July. For those who are new to the prompted months: Hello, Welcome and let me fill you in. In January I sat with a writing guide. They led me through an intuitive writing where we ripped 12 pages of paper and on […]

The Future is June

The intuitive writing prompt for June: THE FUTURE IS Now before you read my intuitive writing I encourage you to set a timer for about 1 minute and just write what comes to mind when you prompt yourself with “The Future is”. Really. This prompt was so on time for me. The Future is Not […]